Asclepias incarnata Monarch Rose Seeds - Butterfly Milkweed

Asclepias incarnata Monarch Rose Seeds - Butterfly Milkweed

A. incarnata Monarch Rose
Butterfly Milkweed, Swamp Milkweed

Product ID#: RA5880-8591

Additional Information

Harvesting Good for Cutting, Cut & Come Again, Long Vase Life
Growing Conditions Field Crop
Additional Characteristics Start Early for Transplants, Good for Overwintering, Cold Tolerant, Easy to Grow
Flowering Month April, May, June, July, August
Garden Style Cutting / Cut Flowers, English Cottage, Romantic, Victorian, Woodland
Lighting Conditions Full Sun, Partial Sun
Seed Type Heirloom, Open Pollinated
Days to Maturity Perennial
Stem Type Branching Stem
Plant Hardiness Hardy
Plant Height 31 - 40 inches
Plant Lifecycle Perennial
Plant Moisture & Climate Heat Tolerant, Well-drained, Wet Tolerant
Plant Uses Cut Flower & Bouquets, Bouquet Filler Flower, Fragrant, Wild Flowers, Sustains Beneficial Insects, Attracts Friendly Pollinators, Bedding, Landscape
Shape Disk, Filler Flower
  • 1 packet

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Asclepias incarnata Monarch Rose, commonly known as Butterfly Milkweed or Swamp Milkweed, is wildly popular for plants-folk who love attracting wildlife to their garden plots. A super pollinator favorite, Asclepias is a vital staple food source of nectar and pollen for butterflies, specifically the beloved Monarch. Vertical, well bushed plants grow to 32" - 36" inches tall with sturdy stems that produce a canopy of vanilla scented, clustered flower umbels comprised of hundreds of tiny micro blooms in a luminous rosy-pink color from mid-summer to early fall. Plants provide both a food source for the butterflies and a habitat for hungry growing caterpillars. Well suited for Zones 3 to 9, this perennial favorite is a low maintenance, hassle free keeper. Tolerates wet conditions and prefers full sun. Regularly deadheading spent blooms will spur on new growth and keep flower blooms coming in about a month.

An excellent cut flower, Monarch Rose has exceptional vase life when the stems are seared to stop the milky sap from leaking out to avoid polluting the vase water. The seed pods make for interesting textural bits for flower arrangements as well. Considered to be non-invasive, Asclepias Monarch Rose can be field grown or container planted for small patio gardeners who want to attract friendly pollinators. Self sows freely and will naturalize in meadows and open fields. Packet: 50 seeds.

Caution: Gloves and protective clothing recommended when handling this plant as its milky sap may cause skin irritation in sensitive individuals. Please exercise caution when harvesting, handling, trimming, or composting. Purchasers accept all liability for proper handling of this item.


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