Cool Season Flowers - Cold Hardy Flowers

'Cool Season Flowers', 'Cold Hardy Flowers' or 'Hardy Annuals' are all names used for a special group of annual flowers that are tolerant of cool and even winter temperatures. These study wonders are able to withstand the cool temperatures of planting in fall or transplanting in very early spring. In most cases, they can even tolerate light frost. Many Cool Season flower seeds can be directly sown in the ground in early fall. They sprout and roots take hold, despite the cooler temperatures, allowing them to become firmly established before the freezing temperatures set in for winter. Fall planted cool season flowers will over-winter as immature plants getting their roots established and emerge sprouting up new growth as soon as Mother Nature starts to warm the soil in spring.

For plants that thrive as early transplants, start your cool season flower seeds indoors and plant outside 6 to 8 weeks before your last spring frost. Planting these hardy seedlings in the garden very early in the season is always something to look forward to!

Whether you plant in fall, or germinate indoors to send outside in very early spring, you will enjoy knowing your flowers are on the way! Shop our collection of cool season flower seeds and discover hardy varieties that can jump start your cut flower offerings in spring.

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