Anemone - Windflower

Perennial Anemones, also known as Windflowers or Japanese Thimbleflowers, make a lovely addition to every garden style. The genus name 'anemone' literally means 'the daughter of the wind'. Typically, they are late summer to early fall bloomers, so after the heat of summer has passed, you will adore the bunches of disk shaped flowers that resemble an open poppy. These popular perennials were originally discovered in central and western China and introduced to North America in 1908. Many Anemones share a bi-color attribute with purple-tinted stems and rose colored flowers that display an ombre effect, with dark outer under petals fading to soft light inner petals. Truly exceptional in their beauty and shape! Each of the varieties we offer have been bread for beauty and form. These garden charmers are delightful cut flowers and add a special touch of elegance among woodland areas or within a moist herbaceous planting garden. Anemones tolerate moist soil, are deer resistant and attract bees, butterflies and beneficial insects. Anemones are members of the Buttercup family, Ranunculaceae and, like other members of that toxic family, Anemones contain the irritating, acrid oil protoanemonin and are not edible.

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