Asarum - Ginger

Ideal for a woodland setting, Asarum canadense, or Wild Ginger is a decorative low-growing ground cover. Asarum prefers shaded areas with moist and slightly acidic soils. Although perennial, Wild ginger will not fully die back, rather it keeps its leaves throughout the season & replaces them with new fresh growth at the next growing season. Not known for its flowering beauty, this easy to grow ground cover species is highly sought after for its elongated heart-shaped dark green foliage with silver veining. Asarum is deer resistant and interestingly believed to be a food supply for the Pipevine swallowtail butterfly. More widely known for its medicinal properties in herbal healing, Asarum continues to be popular as a digestive remedy among other popular uses in gourmet cooking. Asarum is also known as Woodland Ginger, Ginger Root, Heart Snakeroot, Indian Ginger, Asarabaca and Catfoot root. Asarum can also be grown in containers with proper soil and drainage accordingly.

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