Celosia is a diverse plant that offers multiple varieties: plumosa or plume varieties, which feature feathery whorls of tiny flowers into a spike form; cristata, which is the famed Cockscomb variety with a crested head shape resembling a chicken comb or coral-shaped bloom head; and spicata, which feature thin, narrow flower spikes that mimic the shape of wheat plumes. All of these varieties are delightfully used in the floral industry for cut flowers and are equally adored as garden bedding plants. Additionally, container gardeners enjoy the dwarf Celosia variety to adorn patio and porch spaces with cheerful spots of color. The various varieties offer some of the brightest colored flower species from hot pink to rich, deep burgundy, neon lime, solar orange and sun flare yellow. You can definitely create personality and drama in your garden with groupings of Celosia. In addition to being used as a cut flower, Celosia makes an excellent dried flower with its intense color saturation. This annual plant is heat loving and needs full sun and well drained rich soil.

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