Columbine - Aquilegia

Aquilegia, also known as Columbine, is the perfect flower to add visual interest to your garden beds. This perennial plant is perfect for woodland gardens, partially shaded flower beds and containers. A natural attractant of pollinators and hummingbirds. Columbine typically blooms in late spring to early summer and can grow in a variety of soil types including rock gardens. Enjoy the interesting flower shape, resembling interlocking stars with a streaming spur from each corner. The flower blooms will start downward facing and then raise their heads toward the sky as they open. Columbine grows to be 2' to 3' feet tall depending on the variety. Each flower head sits atop a long stem and the majority of the foliage is around the base of the plant which allows you to truly appreciate the beauty of each bloom. Aquilegia is cold hardy to zone 5 and can be divided once firmly established.

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