Cynoglossum - Chinese Forget Me Not

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Cynoglossum, also commonly called Chinese Forget-Me-Nots, are a true blue beauty of the garden. This annual is easy-to-grow and blooms just 10 weeks after planting. Ideal to add quick color to your garden. A natural attractant of butterflies and hummingbirds, the showy blue clusters of flowers have a graceful appearance. Chinese Forget Me Nots will bloom from early summer until your fall frost takes them away. Cynoglossum is a hardy annual and will tolerate cold weather planting in the early spring if planted in well-drained soil and provided some protection. This plant prefers full sun, however it will tolerate partial variegated shade in woodland settings with fertile soil. Although best known for the blue color flowers, this variety is also available in lesser known colors, white and pink. Delightful in garden beds, window boxes and containers, Chinese Forget Me Nots grow 18" to 20" inches tall and make wonderful cut flowers.
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