Didiscus - Lace Flower

Didiscus, also known as Lace Flower, is a sweetly fragrant, lacy, 3" inch disk shaped flower that grows on erect, sturdy single stems. Typically growing 24" to 26" inches tall with few leaves, Lace Flower prefers full sun and well-drained soil. The darling flower heads are comprised of umbels of thousands of tiny flowers that create a round cushion shaped flower head. Adored for its mild, clean fragrance, Didiscus makes an excellent cut flower. Native to Australia, this annual plant is a lovely bedding plant and is well suited for border plantings. Easy to grow from seed, you can expect flowering plants in as little as 14 weeks from sowing. Regularly deadheading any spent blooms will extend the blooming season of each plant. Didiscus has a long 7 to 10 day vase life with regular trimming and fresh water daily.

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