Digitalis - Foxglove - Lady's Glove

Digitalis, also know as Foxglove or Lady's Glove, is a garden sweetheart loved by all. Coveted for the whimsical tall spires decorated with nodding tubular bells of ombre colored flowers, Foxglove are the ultimate addition to a woodland or cottage garden. A favorite of hummingbirds and pollinators, Digitalis bloom from early spring to late fall and are known to self sow each season. These perennial beauties make a wonderful backdrop to shorter flowering plants and their height and spike appearance add textural dimension to garden beds. Regularly clip spent flower heads to encourage side branching regrowth. Foxgloves prefer a moist, partially shaded area with slightly acidic soil, however, they will grow well in full sun conditions with adequate water. Foxgloves make a wonderful cut flower and netting is recommended for production planting.
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