Echinacea - Coneflower

Echinacea, also known as Coneflower, are hardy, pest and deer resistant, heat and drought tolerant workhorses of the garden. This easy to grow perennial plant is pollinator friendly and a particular favorite of butterflies. Echinacea produces a daisy shaped flower with a protruding cone shaped center. Long flowering from late spring into the fall, Echinacea comes in a variety of shapes, bloom sizes and colors such as white, green, pink, red, rust, orange and purple. Coneflower is best suited for sunny locations and will thrive in most soil conditions. Plants grow 24" to 48" inches tall and equally as wide and are ideal for a focal plantings in garden beds or patio containers. For centuries, Echinacea has been used in herbal and medicinal practices and this tradition continues today. Among the 10 most popular flowering perennials, Echinacea also makes a fabulous cut flower with a long vase life.

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