Eryngium - Sea Holly

Eryngium, commonly known as Sea Holly, is the perfect specimen to add textural diversity to your garden or to add interest to your cut flower offerings. Eryngium is a hardy perennial plant that produces epic shimmery star-shaped flowers with a short, cone shaped center on long sturdy stems. This unusual plant looks as if it belongs in a sci-fi movie! The blossoms come in silver, white, deep purple and violet-blue depending on the variety. Sea Holly tolerates heat, grows in all well drained soil types, is low maintenance and easy to grow. Interestingly, these plants are salt spray tolerant and thrive in coastal conditions. Sea Holly enjoys a long blooming season from summer to late fall and prefers a sunny location. This plant will welcome pollinators as well as beneficial insects such as wasps and flies. Eryngium is a well loved cut flower in both fresh and dried form.
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