Eucalyptus is a tender, perennial shrub that produces a variety of leaf shapes that are coveted by floral designers and gardeners alike. Easily recognised by its smooth, silvery-blue or sage colored leaves and pendant branches, Eucalyptus creates a visually stunning backdrop for garden beds. Prized for its earthy fragrance and oil, Eucalyptus has been used medicinally for centuries and remains popular among herbalists, soap makers and dry oil alchemists. A staple to the cut flower industry, the tender new growth branches are used for filler foliage and in are continued demand for wedding flower arrangements. This hot sun loving shrub grows in arid soils and is drought tolerant. For cold climate growers, Eucalyptus is an annual, whereas in zones 9 and up it is considered a perennial. For cut flower growers, Eucalyptus has solid greenhouse production and will over winter with ample mulching and mild temperature control.

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