Gomphrena - Globe Amaranth

Gomphrena, also known as Globe Amaranth (a distant petite cousin to the well known tall Amaranth), is a garden workhorse turning out the blooms as a "cut and come again" variety, which means that the more you cut the clover like flowers, the more the plant will produce new blooms. Gomphrena is popular among florists for its delicate 1" inch globe flowers comprised of papery petals. The blooms are used both as fresh cut flowers and dried for arrangements and potpourri. Averaging 24 to 30" inches tall, this annual makes a desirable border color feature. Plant a larger swath for a showy meadow-like effect in your garden. Available in solid colors as well as mixed varieties, Globe Amaranth comes in purple, rose, white, lilac, salmon, carmine, orange and pink. It is also an excellent flower for container planting to add interest to your porch or patio. A native of Brazil, it is heat and drought tolerant and Globe Amaranth can grow in just about any soil type. Additionally, this plant is used in herbal and medicinal practice for tea and tinctures.
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