Lavender - Lavandula

Lavender or Lavendula, dates back to ancient Roman times and is a deeply loved, timeless, garden favorite that has remained in fashion since the time of its discovery. This distinctive, aromatic garden herb possesses an allure that is truly captivating for the senses. Lavender is best known for its fragrant use in sachets, potpourri, soaps, essential oils and parfumes. Each variety has its own scent variation, so it is common to use several varieties in the harvest garden. Historically, great gardeners have had a preference to plant roses and lavender together for the fullness of the scent sensation when paired. Known to be both deer, rabbit and heat-resistant, as well as drought tolerant, this perennial plant will grow between 20" to 30" inches in height in a mouned shape. Tufts of silvery grey leaves produce a fantastic display of flowered spires upon bloom. The namesake color, lavender, is the best known as a vibrant deep purple color. Lavender is also available in many other color options including mild blue, violet, white and shades of pink tones. Ideal for walkways, border edging, clustered for a blanket of color harmony or potted for a patio garden, this plant has full of an array of growth habitats. The English say that every garden requires a floral note of lavender to be complete. We agree!

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