Matricaria - Tanacetum - Feverfew

Matricaria, formally known as Tanacetum and commonly referred to as Feverfew, are some of the most popular fillers for cut flower production and are wonderfully delightful snowballs of color in a curated garden. Available in an array of colors, from solid colors to daisy type bi-colors, perennial Matricaria is a garden workhorse, pumping out the blooms from late spring until first early fall in zones 5 to 9. Umbrellas of button like flowers on multi-branching stems create a delicate, wildflower look for a filler in cut flower bouquets and arrangements. Matricaria will bloom the same year it is sown, however, it requires long daylight hours to flower and achieve maximum height. Prefers well drained, moist fertile soil and full sun.

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