Poppy - Papaver

Poppy, scientifically known as Papaver, is available in both annual and perennial varieties. Truly well known for their delicate, crepe-paper like petals and spire style stems, poppies make a distinguished textural addition to any garden bed. Poppies come in a wide range of striking colors with interesting characteristics. These include ombre (fading from center to petal edge), color blocking and deeply saturated colors that do not fade in full sun. Poppies are known to eagerly reseed and once establish in garden beds, they will produce for years to come. If you are growing poppies for cut flower production, seed a new crop annually for best results. Sowing poppy seeds directly outdoors in fall or early winter will produce the strongest germination as poppies are well tuned to Mother Nature and require cold and light to break dormancy. Plant several varieties and you will have a gorgeous show in the spring!

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