Rudbeckia - Black Eyed Susan

Rudbeckia, commonly known as Black Eyed Susan, Brown Betty or Gloriosa Daisy, is available in annual and perennial varieties, depending on your zone. The newer hirta series produces striking, daisy shaped, disc, single and double petal flowers in shades of brilliant yellow, rust, crimson, tawny orange, burgundy and dusky mauve. Easy to grow and awesome for cut flowers, Rudbeckia is heat and drought tolerant. It's a proven hearty producer, pumping out the blooms from early summer to fall frost. As s wonderful attractant for garden pollinators and friends, not only will you have an abundant number of butterflies and bees, but also the birds feast upon the late season coneheads in the fall and winter months. Redbeckia comes in several forms and heights so you may want several varieties in your garden. Small dwarf bloomers are delightful in container patio plantings, borders and color spots in garden beds and taller, wild bush type forms are ideal for a focal pop of color at the back of the garden bed or fence line planting. Enjoy the many favorites of the Rudbeckias!
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