Salvia - Woodland Sage

Salvia is also known as Woodland Sage, Transylvanian Sage, Clary Sage and Cedar Sage. This easy to grow, hardy, drought tolerant, evergreen perennial is a favorite for cutting gardens due to its spectacular rich color. Well loved by pollinators, you can expect a parade of hummingbirds, bees and butterflies in mass throughout the season as this variety is known to flush with several sessions of blooms throughout the season. In addition to its fabulous garden presence, Salvia is known for its medicinal healing and culinary properties. Available in low growing ground cover, medium size and taller, full bush types, fabulous for cut flowers, Salvia comes in a variety of colors: pink, white, coral, red, deep purple and the most commonly recognizable light purple. Flowering from early spring through to fall frost, enjoy the vibrant, vertical bloom spikes that rise above the leaf line to the plant in a burst of eye catching color.

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