Snapdragon - Antirrhinum majus

Snapdragons are one of the most popular fragrant, flowering perennials among gardeners and cut flower growers alike! A staple of every garden personality, there is always room for this beloved flower. Redemption's snapdragons include azalea and open-face varieties, single and double blossomed, greenhouse forced, straight color, bi-color, single color and blended color mixes. Snapdragons are available in dwarf, garden and trailing and cut flower varieties that can be greenhouse or open field grown. Expect a pollinator parade in your garden all season as snapdragons are a true favorite of hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. These cold tolerant, cool season plants do best on the shoulder of the summer season with excellent production in spring and early summer. They are known to bloom all winter in warmer winter climates when planted in fall. Ideal for textural interest, each flower spike is adorned with thousands of flower blooms that emerge from tightly wound petal cases. Depending on the size variety, snapdragons make excellent container and walkway border plantings, color swaths in garden beds and the taller varieties are fabulous for a fence line, dividing garden beds and as a backdrop for shorter bedding plants. Snapdragons are deer and rabbit resistant. If left after blooming, expect volunteer plants the following year from self-seeding.

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