Sweet William - Dianthus

Sweet William, officially known as Dianthus, is available in both annual and perennial varieties. Sweet William is a prolific blooming flower that grows in several heights making this summer flower favorite exceedingly versatile for containers, hanging baskets, borders, garden color bed plantings. In the taller version, Sweet William makes an exceptional cut flower filler for bouquets and arrangements. Available in a wonderful array of bright colors such as pink, magenta, dark fuchsia, burgundy, white, red and picotee colaration. The Dianthus family also encompasses Carnations which are available in a vast array of charming colors including vintage pink, cream, apricot and mauve. Dianthus are well known for their sweet and spicy fragrance and exceptional vase life as a cut flower. Grow Sweet William from seed the first year and appreciate them again next year as they are successful self sowers.
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