Zinnia flowers are one of the easiest annuals to grow. Zinnias fit perfectly into any garden setting and are a staple crop for cut flower growers. The beauty of a bright, bold, colorful bunch of zinnias will make anyone's heart swoon! Redemption's collection of garden and cut flower zinnias includes a wide selection of colors, shapes, sizes and heights to choose from. You will find dwarf varieties that are perfect for containers, borders or hanging basket plantings and mid size plants that are outstanding for the garden setting, all available in vibrant colors and petal shapes. We offer cut flower zinnias that are bread for bloom size and color, as well as long strong stems, vigor, disease resistance, yield and vase life. Zinnias are popular among pollinators attracting bees and butterflies to your garden in abundance. Many zinnias are "cut and come again," which means that the more you cut them, them more they produce flower blooms. You will find zinnias are easy to grow and prefer full sun with well drained soil. They are heat tolerant and thrive in the hot conditions of mid summer. Enjoy the vibrant color parade of zinnia flowers all summer both in your garden and as cut flowers as they have exceptional vase life.

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