Achillea, commonly known as Yarrow, is a cornerstone perennial in every cut flower, country and cottage garden for its delicate lacy appearance and abundant patchwork of shades from whites to pastel to jewel tones. Your garden will be set a buzz with friendly pollinators such as butterflies, hummingbirds, bumblebees, ladybugs and beneficial insects who have come to partake in the bountiful nectar stores that Yarrow provides. Plants form tidy 18" - 24" inch tidy bushes with abundant multi-branched vertical stems featuring rich green feathery foliage that produce an umbel shaped flower comprised of 15 - 20 blooms per cluster. The flower umbels are made up of hundreds of tiny micro daisy shaped flower blooms that look like they belong in a fairy tale storybook setting. This delightful perennial will self sow freely and eventually establish a mature colony which creates swath like blankets across garden landscapes. Yarrow is drought tolerant once the roots have firmly established and loves a sunny location with well drained soil. A staple crop in the cut flower industry, Achillea is in constant demand for its delicate look, enchanting color variety and long vase life in bouquets and arrangements. In addition to Yarrow being a popular cut flower, it has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb with considerable healing properties. Plants will begin to set flowers as soon as spring temperatures begin to warm and bloom throughout the summer months until taken by the first frost of fall. Yarrow is a wonderful transition plant to bridge well manicured gardens spaces with native landscapes. Winter hardy to zone 3.
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