Kossak Kohlrabi Seed

Kossak Kohlrabi Seed

Latin Name: Brassica oleracea var. gongylodes

Product ID#: RK8780-8522

Additional Information

Harvesting Harvest when Mature
Growing Conditions Field Crop
Additional Characteristics Best Suited for Spring & Fall Crop, Recommended for Winter Harvest, Start Early for Transplants, Good for Overwintering, Cold Tolerant, Easy to Grow
Flowering Month Flowers for Reproduction
Garden Style Kitchen Culinary
Lighting Conditions Full Sun
Seed Type Hybrid (F1)
Days to Maturity 85 Days
Stem Type Single Stem
Plant Hardiness Hardy
Plant Height 7 - 15 inches
Plant Lifecycle Annual
Plant Uses Edible
Shape Round, Root
  • 1 packet

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Kossak Kohlrabi F1 hybrid is a dependable producer featuring sweet tasting, 8" inch diameter globes that have excellent storage quality- shelf life of up to 4 months. Kossak has a clear, dense, white interior flesh color with no woody or course texture which makes it a super ingredient in slaws, soups or eaten raw. Adds interesting texture when sliced into fresh salads. Kossak is a favorite for home gardeners and fresh market growers who want to add diversity to their offerings during the shoulder seasons. Kohlrabi thrives in moist conditions. Plants grow 9 to 12" inches tall. 85 days. Packet: 75 seeds.

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