Malva sylvestris Zebrina Seeds - Mallow

Malva sylvestris Zebrina Seeds - Mallow

M. sylvestris
Hollyhock Mallow, Tall Mallow, French Mallow
First Year Flowering

Product ID#: RM1680-8554

Additional Information

Harvesting Harvest when Mature, Good for Cutting, Long Vase Life
Growing Conditions Field Crop
Additional Characteristics Good for Overwintering, Cold Tolerant, Heat Tolerant, Easy to Grow
Flowering Month June, July, August, September
Garden Style Cutting / Cut Flowers, English Cottage, Heirloom & Heritage, Kitchen Culinary, Romantic, Victorian
Lighting Conditions Full Sun, Partial Sun
Seed Type Heirloom, Open Pollinated
Days to Maturity Perennial
Stem Type Single Stem
Plant Hardiness Hardy
Plant Height 41 - 60 inches
Plant Lifecycle Biennial, Perennial
Plant Moisture & Climate Heat Tolerant, Well-drained
Plant Uses Cut Flower & Bouquets, Sustains Beneficial Insects, Attracts Friendly Pollinators, Medicinal Herbs, Landscape
Shape Disk
  • 1 packet

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Malva sylvestris Zebrina, commonly called Tall Mallow, High Mallow and French Mallow is a historic heirloom treasure popularized by its appearance in the garden of President Thomas Jefferson at his Monticello home. This long loved first year flowering perennial produces blooms with an exceptional tonal array of deep violet veining over shades of lavender-pink petals. Celebrated as the most popular host plant for the Painted Lady butterfly, this charming garden beauty will create a welcome habitat for egg laying and feed hungry caterpillars as they emerge. Well formed, lush deep green foliage stalks accompany blossoms on plants that grow to 48" inches tall. Self sows freely. Short-lived perennial or biennial. Winter hardy to zone 3.

Common sylvestris Mallow is not toxic. Mallow is commonly used in herbal medicine for its mucilage content, a soluble fiber with demulcent effect. Mallow also has healing properties and is often used as a poultice for skin problems, and the leaves are edible and can be cooked and eaten like spinach.

Packet: 30 seeds.


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