Meconopsis betonicifolia Seeds - Himalayan Blue Poppy

Meconopsis betonicifolia Seeds - Himalayan Blue Poppy

Meconopsis betonicifolia
Exotic Blue Poppy

Product ID#: RM1680-8555

Additional Information

Harvesting Harvest when Mature, Good for Cutting
Growing Conditions Field Crop
Additional Characteristics Start Early for Transplants, Good for Overwintering
Flowering Month June, July
Garden Style Cutting / Cut Flowers, English Cottage, Heirloom & Heritage, Romantic, Victorian, Woodland
Lighting Conditions Partial Sun, Shade
Seed Type Heirloom, Open Pollinated
Days to Maturity Perennial
Stem Type Single Stem
Plant Hardiness Hardy
Plant Height 31 - 40 inches
Plant Lifecycle Perennial
Plant Uses Cut Flower & Bouquets, Attracts Beneficial Insects, Attracts Friendly Pollinators, Bedding, Ornamental, Landscape
Shape Disk
  • 1 packet

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Meconopsis betonicifolia, commonly known as the beloved Himalayan Blue Poppy, is a garden sight to behold! Considered by many to be one of the most intriguing and beautiful flowers in the world, this legendary hardy perennial produces spectacular, swoon worthy blooms in a vivid, 'deep sky blue' blue color. There is simply no other flower in nature that displays this extraordinary color. Impressive, 2" to 3" inch flowers bloom on stately upright stems of 30" to 36" inches. The flower petals have a unique, silky crepe-like texture and are accentuated by contrasting golden orange stamen tips upon white stamen flutes. Their show of color typically lasts about a week to 10 days once they bloom.

A garden patch of Himalayan Blue Poppies always attracts attention. Experienced gardeners will be the most avid admirers and stop in their tracks to look because these poppies have a reputation for being somewhat challenging to grow. However, if you follow our specific germination and growing instructions, you will find yourself among those who have successfully mastered growing this coveted garden favorite!

Recipient of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society for their extraordinary color and intriguing beauty, this garden celebrity is hardy to zone 5 and grown best in Pacific northwest and cooler northeast/midwest areas. Though it is monocarpic, established healthy plants will produce basal daughter offshoots throughout the season that will in turn create grand-daughter offshoots of their own over time, creating a very well established mature clump. Never divide this variety as you will kill the plant. Best suited placed in an eastern exposure location where plants receive morning sun, then shade/dappled sun for the remainder of the day. Once established in the right setting, plants may self sow. Flowers bloom in early to mid-summer in most climates. Interestingly, this exotic variety was discovered in the early 1900's by Captain Frederick Marshman Bailey in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet. Packet: 30 seeds.

For best sowing results, this seed requires a minimum of 3 weeks cold stratification below 40 F, but above freezing. Seeds should be kept moist during chilling period with a moist paper towel or cup of moist washed sand. Prepare your plug trays or flat container with a damp, moisture retentive, humus rich, acidic medium with a top sowing layer of moist, coarse sand 1/8" deep. SOW SEEDS THINLY! Sprinkle seed over the prepared surface. Use a fine mist to set seeds into the sand topping. Cover with clear plastic wrap sheet, then a clear plastic dome with a couple layers of newspaper laid on top. Uncover the seed and mist every other day to keep the top surface moist. It is critical that you do not allow the seed/seedlings become dry or waterlogged. Remove paper and inner plastic layer when green sprouts start to appear in 14-30 days and provide bright indirect light (never direct sun!). Provide some ventilation (occasionally remove dome covering). However, you must keep using the dome covering until seedlings appear to have an established root system. Bottom heat greater than 71F will seriously impair seed germination rate. Do not separate seedlings growing together.


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