Muhlenbergia capillaris Seeds - Pink Cloud Grass

Muhlenbergia capillaris Seeds - Pink Cloud Grass

M.capillaris Pink Cloud
Muhly Grass

Product ID#: RM8780-8515

Additional Information

Harvesting Harvest when Mature, Good for Cutting, Long Vase Life
Growing Conditions Field Crop
Additional Characteristics Start Early for Transplants, Good for Overwintering, Cold Tolerant, Heat Tolerant, Easy to Grow
Flowering Month August, September, October
Garden Style Cutting / Cut Flowers, English Cottage, Romantic, Victorian
Lighting Conditions Full Sun, Partial Sun
Seed Type Open Pollinated
Days to Maturity Perennial
Stem Type Single Stem
Plant Hardiness Hardy
Plant Height 31 - 40 inches
Plant Lifecycle Perennial
Plant Moisture & Climate Heat Tolerant, Well-drained, Wet Tolerant
Plant Uses Cut Flower & Bouquets, Bouquet Filler Flower, Bouquet Filler Greens, Excellent for Drying & Crafts, Bedding, Erosion Control, Ornamental, Landscape
Shape Filler Flower, Filler Greens, Pods & Fiddly Bits, Spike, Textural
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Muhlenbergia capillaris, commonly known as Pink Cloud Grass or Pink Cloud Muhly Grass, is an outstanding warm season ornamental grass. It produces eye catching, fluffy pink panicles that float above well formed, rich silver-green blade-grass clumps of 24" to 36" inches. As summer ends, the clumps send up an abundance of showy panicle plumes that emerge bright pink and as fall temperatures cool, the blooms turn a stunning smoky purple-mauve. These gorgeous blooms appear almost airbrushed and are highly sought after by florists and design creatives for their textural beauty. The blooms are equally lovely used fresh or as a dried flower element. Once dried the color remains stable. In garden landscapes, Pink Cloud Muhly Grass is optimal for planting large swaths of color in transition spaces between well groomed garden beds and natural meadows, fields and prairies. In more manicured areas it serves as a separating hedge, edging, or middle-of-the-border ribbon of color. Although this grass is drought tolerant, it will produce an abundance of blooms when kept moist in a sunny, well drained garden location. Low maintenance once roots are well established and hardy to zone 6. Packet: 25 seeds

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