Brussels Sprouts

Growing Brussels Sprouts from seed is easy when you are growing in the correct season for the plants to thrive. Brussels Sprouts are a misunderstood garden vegetable and have an undeserving poor reputation for tasting badly - when in reality, many gardeners have been growing them in the incorrect season or harvesting them prematurely which yields bitter tasting sprouts. Brussels Sprouts, when grown in the proper cool seasonal succession, have a delightful mild, sweet, nutty flavor that is simply delicious when steamed or roasted! In fact, many varieties sweeten in flavor only after they have been frosted in the fall and harvested later in the season. Great for a compact garden where space is at a premium, brussels sprouts are compact and grow as tight buttons amassed upon a thick sturdy stalk. In addition to the culinary varieties in traditional lime and green colors, Redemption also carries several purple varieties that are ideal for a fall or late season crop to add fabulous color to your late autumn or early winter meal table.

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