Kale is a highly nutritious, cold weather loving crop with a sweet flavor profile that is broadened as temperatures cool to frost. Kale is an easy crop to grow from seed in the correct season. Ideal for early spring and fall season crops. Redemption's kale seed offerings are selected to be flavorful, disease resistant, slow to bolt, heat tolerant and vigorous growers. We carry many specialty varieties such as dwarf, Oriental and Italian heirloom kale. Not all kale varieties have the commonly known crinkle leaf attribute. We offer a selection of kale that have straight, ruffled, smooth, curled and oak-like leaf characteristics with many colorful veining accents. Kale is an awesome source of vitamins A, C and K and adds nutrition to your diet in salads as baby greens or as broad leaves when harvested fully mature and cooked. Kale is a "cut and come again species," which means regrowth for continuous harvest is expected.

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