Lettuce is easy to grow from seed and a wonderful addition to every garden to keep fresh greens in succession planting for a year round bountiful harvest. Redemption's massive collection of lettuce seeds includes the varieties that are tried, true and tested for production quality, flavor, disease resistance, growing seasons and adaptability across many climate zones. You will find Baby Leaf, Butterhead (Bibb), Crisphead (Iceberg), Loose Leaf (Cutting), Batavian, Mixes, Romaine and Summer Crisp varieties in our collection. All these fast growing greens can be harvested from tender baby leaf stage to mature full size heads. Enjoy tasty greens in a secondary array of beautiful colors such as red, burgundy, bronze, brick and speckled to add a pop of color to your salad mixes. Select from specialty heirloom, Italian, Austrian, French, Oriental, Gourmet and miniature lettuce varieties. Impressively, most of the lettuce varieties we offer are not available in stores. We diligently work to source top quality gourmet lettuce seed that produces exceptional flavor combined with remarkable texture and brilliant attractive colors. There are no boring or average lettuce varieties here!
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