Mustard Greens

Mustard Greens grow as a pungent and spicy, green leafy vegetable plant. Easy to grow from seed, Greens are famous as a family favorite when popularly prepared in the Southeastern part of America. However, this member of the brassica family has long been consumed throughout Asia and Africa, originating from near the Himalayan region of northern India, where they have been growing for thousands of years. Varieties range in depth of flavor from mild to sharp and spicy in an array of interesting colors like red, deep purple, maroon and bi-colored. Mustard greens are also known for their interesting frilly, frizzled, smooth and spiky textures. An excellent source of calcium and iron, Mustard Greens are often prepared steamed, stir fired, juiced and eaten raw in salads for a rich, peppery flavor profile.

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