Vegetable Seeds

Discover our curated collection of vegetable seeds to source the most popular, unique and delicious varieties. Our Redemption Seed Sourcing Team researches hundreds of Non-GMO vegetable varieties each season and evaluates them for taste, quality, appearance, pest and disease resistance and yield production to bring you the highest quality seeds available. We perform countless field tests to ensure solid germination performance, productive growth habit and substantial harvest in order that your growing efforts are rewarded each season with an abundant crop. We offer an extensive selection of heirloom and heritage favorites that have multi-generational track records, popular open pollinated varieties, and F1 Hybrids that have been bred for superior field production performance. We offer pelleted and primed seeds to increase germination success whenever possible. Most notably, you will find we offer MANY rare and hard to find vegetable seeds. Grow the vegetable garden of your dreams and produce an abundant crop this season!

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